Sky Hero Adventure

Sky Hero Adventure 3.0

Sky Hero Adventure is a superb arcade game you cannot miss to play

Sky Hero Adventure is a superb arcade game you cannot miss to play. Completely free, this Pacman-like game is the perfect choice to kill time. Playing the part of a courageous Sky Hero, the game involves going deep into the confusing and intricate network of passages where you will be in charge of picking up crystals and gems as you move forward. Once you collect all the precious stones you will be ready to reach a higher level. But be careful because skillful and clever monsters are lying in wait for you and you surely don’t want to get caught by them because that means losing a life! Extremely addictive, Sky Hero Adventure has been developed in full real 3D, with rich colorful game graphics, great sounds and cool music. Packed with over 80 imaginative levels, this arcade game comprises unique features: power shields, magic bridges and freeze bonuses. Published by, Sky Hero Adventure has joystick support and it represents good, clean and harmless fun for all the family. So, don’t think it over! Download Sky Hero Adventure 3.0 and have fun for free!

Review summary


  • Good fun for all ages
  • Completely free
  • Lots of levels


  • Not innovative at all
  • Just a copy of an already existing game
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